Giant Plank Art – Works from Yew Tee Community

14, 15, 21, 22 August 2021 – We are back again this year with huge Gentle Giants hovering around Yew Tee!

We got together with Yew Tee Community and painted these huge wooden planks with the residents! They simply cannot get enough of painting!

Special thanks to ArtStories Artist, Felicia Mak for designing such a vibrant design and to Jojie (Atomicka) for assisting in the painting sessions for the residents!

Community Brush Lettering Programme

24 + 25 April 2021 – ArtStories x Bedok CC collaborated in a Community Brush Lettering Programme to engage Bedok South Residents to partake in pening down inspirational quotes and motivational messages for the community.

The two-day workshop with ArtStories resulted in a unique, personalised calligraphy work helmed by both young and elderly, families and friends. Even incumbent DPM Heng Swee Keat graced his presence at the event and contributed his own art piece! We were honoured!

All 300 pieces of the artwork has been scanned, printed and pasted on forex boards of 15cm x 15cm which will then be installed onto the walls and pillars of various blocks around the neighbourhood of Bedok South.

I am honoured and delighted to contribute art to my neighbourhood! I will share photos of the installed works in the public spaces once it is ready! Meanwhile, enjoy these lovely photos of the artworks and residents.

What Singapore means to you? – Plank Art Painting with Yuhua CC

1 July 2017 – ArtStories was invited to work with Yuhua CC for their plank art painting and installation this year. Our plank art is not any ordinary plank art design as we have combined the pieces into 3 large 4m scale wooden planks with pop ups which will be created into a 3D installation with lights and such.

Our fabulous artists Gerald Tay, Felicia Mak, Ian, Shafiq, Marla and Tanty worked really hard on this project with Tanty being the designer for the artworks and Jacquelyn coordinating and curating the work. Student volunteers had also helped in the painting process.

Residents were really pleased with their input and effort and we are always happy to be able to contribute and encourage citizens to take part in art.

The artworks reflect National Identity in 3 main themes: National Defence, Multiculturalism, The Marriage of Art & Science. This is a very generic and watered-down theme and concept for Yuhua CC but it was the themes that they could identify with. We hope one day Singaporeans would be able to include more open ideas about National Identity. We can do this through art and by being gentle about our process in educating and sharing.

The final installation will be displayed in August at Yuhua CC. I will update with more pictures then.



School for the Deaf Wall Mural

8 June – After 7 weeks of mural painting with 2 students from School for the Deaf led by artists Gerald Tay and Jacquelyn Soo, the mural at School for the Deaf is completed.

The mural depicts the remaining 14 students from 2015 – 2017 who have now moved on to places in Secondary, Polytechnic and Special schools. The 2 remaining students will move out of the school by end of 2017. The institution will be closed then. This mural is a special request by the school to leave a mark in the building to remind anyone who has had interactions and memories in the school. The wording ‘We Were Here’ is meant to signify the presence of all who have contributed to the school since 1963.

For more information about SSD and to read about it’s history:¬†

On the side note, in an effort to mark the end of an era for SSD, artists Jacquelyn Soo and Michelle Lai will be working on a collaborative Art Camp this November school holidays with the hearing impaired youths to engage them in an immersive, interactive art camp comprising of Art, Music, Yoga and Gardening. The youths will also teach hearing participants how to sign in their language. This would be a tremendously active project where we also invite the participants to share their collective activities/artworks in an exhibition sometime in March 2018.

We will update all details of the project in time.

Meanwhile, please enjoy looking at the mural painted by the students, teachers and artists.



Community Wall Mural at Feiyue Student Care Centre and Bukit Batok West Constituency

8 March – 19 March

ArtStories spent a week with students, residents and corporate volunteers from Feiyue Student Care Centre, Bukit Batok Secondary School, Hwa Chong JC and volunteers from Akzo Nobel to paint a total of 8 walls in the void deck of Bukit Batok West Constituency and in the compound of Feiyue Student Care Centre.

The whole exercise was an experience for young 5 Singaporean artists who had took time off to teach, facilitate and assist the large groups of students and corporate volunteers.

The design of the murals were a joint effort between ArtStories and Southwest Community Development Council to spread the awareness and principles of Recycling, Reusing and Reducing. It is important for Singaporeans to exercise the three Rs to cultivate a habit in caring for the environment. ArtStories was able to create a mural with narratives and explanation in ways that one can start practicing recycling habits.

Below are pictures from the community event which included student volunteers, corporate volunteers and residents contribution to the murals.


Charity Mural with Children’s Home

18 Feb – We spent the whole afternoon painting with children from a children’s home. These young children of aged 7 years old t0 11 years old worked their way with paint brushes and acrylic paints, dipping into the containers and painting along the outlines and guidelines which we had prepared a day before.

We were glad to share an artistic skill with the children and to enable them to achieve a sense of ownership in a painted mural. Grandstand Mall partners with the children home and they would frequent the mall with several activities each month. ArtStories hope they would be able to walk past the mural with pride each time they visit the mall!