Community Brush Lettering Programme

24 + 25 April 2021 – ArtStories x Bedok CC collaborated in a Community Brush Lettering Programme to engage Bedok South Residents to partake in pening down inspirational quotes and motivational messages for the community.

The two-day workshop with ArtStories resulted in a unique, personalised calligraphy work helmed by both young and elderly, families and friends. Even incumbent DPM Heng Swee Keat graced his presence at the event and contributed his own art piece! We were honoured!

All 300 pieces of the artwork has been scanned, printed and pasted on forex boards of 15cm x 15cm which will then be installed onto the walls and pillars of various blocks around the neighbourhood of Bedok South.

I am honoured and delighted to contribute art to my neighbourhood! I will share photos of the installed works in the public spaces once it is ready! Meanwhile, enjoy these lovely photos of the artworks and residents.

Mason Jar Painting with Fairy Lights

24 April 2021 – I has a fun workshop with the children from Serangoon Gardens Country Club. I conducted a Mason Jar Painting with Fairy lights workshop where the children get to learn how to use stained-glass paints and how to paint on glass effectively.

When the children inserted the lights into their Jars, their eyes lighted up as brightly as the lights! They were delighted at the sight of the bright fairy lights and they told me they will be putting the jar beside their bed as a nightlight before bed.

I wonder what beautiful dreams these children will dream of. 🙂

Resin Jewellery Workshop

13th March 2021 – I conducted a resin jewellery workshop at Serangoon Gardens Country Club to 6 lovely participants who were first time makers of this craft.

We did a variety of Flora Art & Mixed Glitter/Blending Marbling Art on Resin Jewellery; a pair of earrings, ring and a couple of pendants.

This workshop is popular with children and adults. Resin Jewellery workshop is open for bookings for the upcoming June Holidays too.

Chinese New Year Lantern Zoom Workshop

9th February 2021 – I conducted a Chinese New Year Lantern Workshop via Zoom for a corporate group to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year. Some participants brought along their children to the session and some participants were first time makers in this craft.

It was a pleasure to teach them this skill to enable them to decorate their homes with festive decorations. They learn how to make a 5 point star flower lantern and a more complicated ball lantern using Red Packets/Ang Pao packets.

Here are some photos of the lanterns we made but I could not screenshot the Zoom session then.

X’mas Slime Party!

26 December 2020 – My last workshop for the year is yet another messy affair and this time, we got the children to explore slime making with me!

We added glitter, beads and colouring into the slimy paste and create assorted donut and onion rings out from it! It was all conducted via Zoom but the children had no difficult working with me on this! What a fun time we had!

Sg Polo Club Bath Bombs & Batik Painting

19 & 22 December 2020 – Here I am again at Sg Polo Club to conduct more arts and craft for their community!

We had a messy affair in both these two workshops as we challenged ourself with materials that the participants are new to. We made some very cute bath bombs and did wonderful images using Batik techniques.

Both children and adults enjoyed the workshop tremendously!