Collaboration with ben & Jerry’s with an Elderly centre!

October and November 2021: Ben & Jerry’s collaboration with the SASCO Jurong West Elderly Centre and ArtStories is kindly supported by the CDC!

What an amazing collaboration we had using Ben & Jerry’s reused ice cream tubs donated by their customers and we get to up-cycle these tubs into functional items that the elderly can use! We made a decoupage box, a tissue box, a weaved box using strings and yarn and to end off the 9 session programme, we got the seniors to create their own Terrarium too!!!!!!

What an achievement for these seniors as the oldest patient there is 89 years old but her hands and eyesight is still very much capable. Majority of the patients are wheel-chair bounded and have a little use of their hands but you can tell that they did try their best to be pro-active in the sessions and to contribute to the lively atmosphere of the room!

I hope to work with them again in 2022 even though it takes me 1hr 35mins to travel down to Boon Lay but I would do it to be able to interact with these seniors once again!

Please enjoy the photos of their works. Faces have been omitted to protect their privacy.

St Antony’s Canossia Convent Terrarium Zoom Sessions!

October and November 2021: SACC booked 2 sessions of Art Terrarium with me; one for 200 over students, another for their staff and teachers.

In the one hour session via zoom, I shared tips and tricks in assembling up a basic and simple open top terrarium and advised on watering methods and such. We decorated the open top terrarium with pebbles, fresh moss, coloured sand and toy figurine.

Be sure to only water once a week for all succulent/cactus plants and daily misting of the moss.

Please enjoy their photos! Once again, these are taken off screenshots zoom app.

Tembusu Seniors Activity Centre Art Programme Part 2!

Month of October & November 2021: We are back for Part 2! This time I focus my attention on teaching the elderly Basic Drawing and Colouring skills using Pencils, Coloured Pencils, Crayon and Watercolour.

I started with the basic technique and knowledge of shading, tone and value and application of shadow in their work. As we move into each lesson, they will then complete an artwork in the technique and medium that was taught. Although the lessons are conducted on Zoom, the elderly did very well and listened to instructions. They gave it their best shot and always ready to show me their artworks!

Please enjoy their works and pardon the quality of the pictures as they are screenshot directly from Zoom app.

SCGS Brush Lettering Programme

End Oct – 3 November: We are invited by Singapore Chinese Girls School once again for their Post-Exams Art Activity for the girls.

Every year we would head to SCGS to share the different techniques and ideas of the popular Brush Lettering art form. Every year, the students of each batch will never fail to impress us with their talents, skills and willingness to learn.

This year we focus on the types of fonts commonly used in Brush Lettering and less on the painted artwork. You may enjoy the works of the students here.

Tembusu Senior Actvity Centre Art Programme Part 1

July to September 2021 – I am so glad to be part of Tembusu Family! Despite adjustments to covid ruling, we managed to find a way to conduct physical class for the 8 sessions, only 2 sessions was conducted over zoom.

Every Wednesday 1pm – 230pm, the seniors from the nearby blocks would attend my class and learn new art skills from me.

To be able to witness their skill development and their love for creating really pushes me to be a better teacher for them despite my participants age gap of 20 – 40 years apart.

We completed the 10 sessions successfully and is now continuing into Part 2 (another 10 sessions from October – November) via zoom this time.

I would like to remind all seniors to stay home and exercise at home to boost their immunity system, eat healthy food and drink water/lemon water as much as possible. Do avoid crowds and take your booster shot as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please enjoy their photos.

Portraiture Art Programme with Role-Playing for PreSchoolers

July to September 2021 – ArtStories conducted an online programme with MFS Strathmore K1 & K2 students. This is the first time for us to have preschool lessons via zoom for big group of students, totally 88 students in the span from July to September. Hong Xiaohui was the other teacher teaching the other group. Feedback from the school was that the students really enjoyed the programme and we look forward to collaborating again for 2022!

Please enjoy the photos of the lovely children!

Mural with PUB Singapore

Month of July to September 2021 – We would like to thank PUB Singapore for giving ArtStories and the graffiti boys a chance to paint on their buildings this year. It has been a long time project starting from last year 2020 but was pushed back to this year due to covid restrictions. The boys finally completed a total of 8 brick wall murals and one 30metres tall mural featuring designs and portrayal of our PUB workers and team who dedicate their work life to keeping Singapore’s waters safe and clean to drink!

Please have a look at the photos and memories we shared.

Mooncake festival Special – Upcycled Plastic Bottle Lanterns with Kaki Bukit CACC

18 September 2021 – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! I was invited to conduct a live facebook workshop on how to turn a simple 1litre Plastic Bottle into an attractive Lantern for the children and families to enjoy the celebration. Kaki Bukit CACC got me onto their live show to teach their two lovely hosts for the day. This is the result of the activity! Over 2000 people watched us live that day! Thank you so much!

Giant Plank Art – Works from Yew Tee Community

14, 15, 21, 22 August 2021 – We are back again this year with huge Gentle Giants hovering around Yew Tee!

We got together with Yew Tee Community and painted these huge wooden planks with the residents! They simply cannot get enough of painting!

Special thanks to ArtStories Artist, Felicia Mak for designing such a vibrant design and to Jojie (Atomicka) for assisting in the painting sessions for the residents!