ArtStories runs art workshops that can be conducted at different locations and can host large groups of participants.

List of Art Workshops (All workshops are of 1 – 6 sessions or more)

A A – Acrylic Painting Workshop

A – Assemblage Art

A – Art Appreciation (Art History)

A – Art Exploration in Singapore (Tours and Art classes on the go!)

A – Anamorphic Art (Murals and Installation)

B B – Book binding

B – Beadwork

C C – Collage Art

C – Contour Drawing

C – Coffee Art

C – Chinese Paper Cut

C – Chinese Calligraphy

C – Customised Art Programmes

C – Cartoon Drawing

C – Children’s Art

C – Community Art

D D – Découpage Art

D – Digital Art

D – Drawing (Basic to Advance level)

E E – Environmental Art
F F – Fashion Illustration

F – Flora Art

F – Found Art

G G – Ground Art
H H – Hand Knitting Art
I I – Instrument Making
J J – Jewellery making

J – Journal making

K K – Knit Art

K – Kinetic Art

L L – Letter pressing

L – Letter calligraphy

L – Lantern Making

L – Life Drawing

M M – Manga Art

M – Mural Art

P P – Printmaking

P – Projection Art

P – Puppet Making

P – Paper Quilling

R R – Recycled Art
S S – Sketching

S – String Art

S – Silkscreen Printing

S – Sound Art

S – Still Life Drawing

T T – Tea Art

T – Textile Art

T – T-shirt Painting/Printing

U U – UV Art Painting

U – Upcycle Art

W W – Watercolour Art

W – Weaving Art

X X – X-Ray Art

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