ArtStories runs art workshops that can be conducted at different locations and can host large groups of participants.

List of Art Workshops (All workshops are of 1 – 6 sessions or more)

A A – Acrylic Painting Workshop

A – Assemblage Art

A – Art Appreciation (Art History)

A – Art Exploration in Singapore (Tours and Art classes on the go!)

A – Anamorphic Art (Murals and Installation)

B B – Book binding

B – Beadwork

C C – Collage Art

C – Contour Drawing

C – Coffee Art

C – Chinese Paper Cut

C – Chinese Calligraphy

C – Customised Art Programmes

C – Cartoon Drawing

C – Children’s Art

C – Community Art

D D – Découpage Art

D – Digital Art

D – Drawing (Basic to Advance level)

E E – Environmental Art
F F – Fashion Illustration

F – Flora Art

F – Found Art

G G – Ground Art
H H – Hand Knitting Art
I I – Instrument Making
J J – Jewellery making

J – Journal making

K K – Knit Art

K – Kinetic Art

L L – Letter pressing

L – Letter calligraphy

L – Lantern Making

L – Life Drawing

M M – Manga Art

M – Mural Art

P P – Printmaking

P – Projection Art

P – Puppet Making

P – Paper Quilling

R R – Recycled Art
S S – Sketching

S – String Art

S – Silkscreen Printing

S – Sound Art

S – Still Life Drawing

T T – Tea Art

T – Textile Art

T – T-shirt Painting/Printing

U U – UV Art Painting

U – Upcycle Art

W W – Watercolour Art

W – Weaving Art

X X – X-Ray Art
Posted by:jacquelynartstories

ArtStories is an artistic endeavour which creates meaningful art projects that uses stories, memories and narrated moments with Singaporean Artist, Jacquelyn Soo. Jacquelyn has worked with communities locally and internationally to conceptualise engaging community art programmes that address the needs of the community. She also creates and works with other artists in various Art & Craft workshops for people interested in learning about art and artistic practices. ArtStories welcomes individuals and communities from various walks of life including children, youths, adults, elderly as well as people with special needs or disabilities to work with the artist on custom tailored art commissions, art workshops and selected Art & Craft programmes. Jacquelyn is also a MOE – NAC registered Artist who conducts art training in private and public schools. ArtStories runs art workshops that can be conducted at different locations and can host large groups of participants.

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