Elderly Classes every Saturday

30 July – I use simple materials in our elderly print art class every Saturday with Renci Hospital that the old folks can manipulate and maneuver the items with paint instead of brushes.

In our first session, we used Aluminum foil, crushed into a small ball like shape, dipped paints on it and imprinted them onto paper. The elderly found it easy to use and started dipping the whole paper with colours.

Before the class, I had an hour to brief and demonstrate the technique and context of the next 6 classes to the volunteers who take time off on most Saturdays to help the elderly. They made their own art pieces patiently while I turned on soothing music to accompany.

Everyone had simple fun during an hour class which really consist only of about 40mins due to the ushering them from their ward beds to the room downstairs. But whatever time we had together was meaningful to create connections and most importantly for me to share joy and laughter for their Saturdays. I am glad some of them still remember me from the first programme that I taught in the first half of this year!

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