Elderly workshops with volunteers from Deloitte

26th August – We had three concurrent elderly art craft workshops held on Friday morning from 930am – 1130am at three venues; YuHua Senior Activity Centre, Fei Yue SAC and Tung Ling Community Services.

Volunteers from Deloitte came in three different groups to help out and engage with the elderly. There were a total of about 100 elderly and 100 volunteers who came together to create simple but beautiful paper craft items; Flower Craft & Lantern Making.

ArtStories trainer; Jaxton, Wilson, Hana and Angie were the main trainers at the three workshops while I helped to coordinate and run around the venues to make sure the workshop runs smoothly.

It was a great start to Friday morning and we were all happy to see that the elderly actively participated in the workshop.



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