Print Art Painting Programme with Elderly from Ren Ci Hospital Completed!

After an intensive 6 weeks of painting classes with the sweet and adorable elderly at Ren Ci Hospital, these proud Artists have completed their print art painting workshop with me.

Patients like Ah Thiam or sometimes referred to as Ah Gong, Ho Soon Yong, Jun, Veli, Mdm Zainah, Anna Joseph, Ricky,  KL Tan, Mdm Rogaynah were enthusiastically learning how to use different mediums and materials to create their works.

We also had volunteers who would come to help us at the programme and they too were inspired by the energy, commitment and dedication of these elderly.

It is not an easy task to teach these elderly due to some of their physical disabilities but I had definitely learnt how to deal with their abilities and we tried our best to create something new each lesson. It was motivating even for me when we see them taking the time to interact and play with art, which had certainly brighten up their Saturdays each hour or so. Special thanks to Ren Ci Hospital for allowing this magic moments to happen.

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