Brush Letter Writing Workshop

21st Oct – A group of lovely ladies from the women’s club group invited me to conduct a one-hour brush letter writing workshop to inspire and uplift their group’s morale.

With the recent trend of holistic approaches to living in a stressful and chaotic environment, we are more aware that we are often left on our own to deal with a lot of our inner struggles and pain. It seems that artists and designers have started using powerful words, mantras by influential speakers, thinkers and religious practitioners to continue inspiring others around them, and words, are one of the ways to reach the heart and mind of the people.

Here in this very quick session, I talked about first finding your inner mantra which the participants will write on the watercolour paper which I provided. I shared with them my own personal struggles and mantras that kept me focus and going in times of trials and turbulence.

After my demonstration on using practice sheet to first try their hand at letter writing using a brush, I showed them how to create layouts on the paper and using watercolour to blend colours together. The participants quickly took on the task and expressed their inner selfs on paper. Some of them even wrote words of encouragement to their loved ones and friends in the group.

Although the session ended quite quickly, we had fun moments expressing ourselves through art, and believe me when I say this, I think a lot of people have aversion towards art and perhaps even look down on art as it perhaps reminds them of being a child and playing with cheap materials but I can tell you it is in their own minds and heart to decide for themselves how sincere they are towards expressing their own self and I have no control over how they feel towards art. I am only here to introduce, perhaps remind them that being a child all over again is a blessing and not a shame.

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