What Singapore means to you? – Plank Art Painting with Yuhua CC

1 July 2017 – ArtStories was invited to work with Yuhua CC for their plank art painting and installation this year. Our plank art is not any ordinary plank art design as we have combined the pieces into 3 large 4m scale wooden planks with pop ups which will be created into a 3D installation with lights and such.

Our fabulous artists Gerald Tay, Felicia Mak, Ian, Shafiq, Marla and Tanty worked really hard on this project with Tanty being the designer for the artworks and Jacquelyn coordinating and curating the work. Student volunteers had also helped in the painting process.

Residents were really pleased with their input and effort and we are always happy to be able to contribute and encourage citizens to take part in art.

The artworks reflect National Identity in 3 main themes: National Defence, Multiculturalism, The Marriage of Art & Science. This is a very generic and watered-down theme and concept for Yuhua CC but it was the themes that they could identify with. We hope one day Singaporeans would be able to include more open ideas about National Identity. We can do this through art and by being gentle about our process in educating and sharing.

The final installation will be displayed in August at Yuhua CC. I will update with more pictures then.



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