Eco Film Festival Singapore + Art & Craft

1st Sept 2017 – ArtStories and Jacquelyn Soo were invited to conduct a children’s art & craft workshop about Marine Animals in conjunction with two film screenings organised by Eco Film Festival Singapore.

I was inspired by the two films; Sonic Sea (sound pollution in the ocean affecting whales) and Chasing Corals (bleaching and pollution of coral reefs) to create three art & craft artworks for the little ones.

We created a talking whale using cloth pegs, a cute paper bag whale and the viewing hole of the ocean and coral reefs with fishes using paper plates.

In the process of the workshop, I also talked about the dangers of sound pollution that will affect the communication of whales and also gave general facts about corals as an animal rather than a plant or rock etc.

The children and adults had learnt a thing or two in the workshop about marine life animals and how they can also play a part to recycle everyday materials such as cloth pegs, paper plates, paper bags and turn them into crafty items for their home or for entertaining the children.

Much thanks to Eco Film Festival Singapore Team for the collaboration and hope we can create a bigger installation/community piece the next round!

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