Book Binding, Brush Lettering & Dreamcatcher

23 & 24 Oct 2017 – ArtStories conducted a two-day workshop for Ang Mo Kio Secondary One students for their post-exam activity. Each workshop ran for 4.5 – 5hours as the students worked on eagerly to complete their artworks.

We taught them basic brush lettering art which requires the use of brush markers, watercolour and suitable watercolour papers. Some of the students had grasped the technique of lettering quite easily and were able to create motivational quotes for themselves. Then, we moved on to Book Binding which the students were very excited about as they were interested to learn how to make their own journal. Many of them took to this craft form easily and thanked us for teaching them this skill.

The next day, students created Dreamcatchers using embroidery loops, strings, yarns, pom pom balls, beads and feathers. They were teasing each other about what dreams they may catch tonight after creating their own piece.

Here are the photos of their works:

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