Peranakan Motifs – Painting on Wood

13 & 15 Nov – ArtStories went to Ang Mo Kio Primary School to conduct a workshop on Peranakan Motifs – Painting on Wood to over 80 Primary 6 & 5 students.

The students first learnt about the origins, history and cultures of the Peranakan people, also called Straits-born Chinese who married the local indigenous Malayan community. They continued with their mainland chinese customs and tradition but infusing Malay and indigenous aesthetics, designs and taste into their food, clothing, jewellery and architecture.

We shared the various uses of the Peranakan Tiles as an outside and inside feature of a typical Peranakan home. The students learnt that the basic colours of the tiles used are mainly Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal and Turquoise.

We then started the students on tracing the design onto the wood pieces, afterwhich applying Acrylic paints onto the designs.

Here are some of their works.


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