Parent-Child Snow globe class in Teck Ghee CC!

10 Dec 2017 – Thirteen families came down to Teck Ghee CC to learn how to turn glass jars into snowglobe craft that had both their parents and child excited about having their own snow globe!

Many of the families had asked many questions about creating odd-shaped snow globe designs etc and I was happy to share some ideas that I had thought as well.

One of the family that came by to the workshop was influencer Alvin Lim (Alvin is the founder of and has been blogging since 2007. The site started as a one-man blog and is now a full fledge content portal with a team of professional content staff.) Alvin and his son, Asher enjoyed the class extremely as it was entertaining for Asher to get his hands dirty on craftwork.

Well, here are the pictures from the day!



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