Pulau Ubin Workshop!

10th June – Once again I return to my favourite place in Singapore, Pulau Ubin! This year as part of Ubin Festival  I return to the little island with a Clay Workshop for the little ones! This time, we made animals that we can find on the island. I shared with the group the various animals that inhabited Ubin from the early beginnings and the ones that have thrived and survived well into the present times. I also shared some of the distinctive features of the famous Hornbill, Macaque Monkey, River Otter, Wild Boar and Fiddler Crab thats lived well on the island. Some of the children decided to create their own version of the animals.

There were two sessions on the day, a morning and afternoon session and both lasted for about 2 hours. Everyone took home a set of three-coloured clays, a clay cutting tool and some additional coloured clay so they may continue to create more hilarious and imaginative animals!

It was an enjoyable day on Ubin and I will be back next year for a different workshop! Watch this space!

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