Arty Mindmapping with Google

30th August 2018 – We went to Google HQ to conduct ArtStories special art programme called ‘Arty Mind-mapping’.

‘Arty Mind-mapping’ is the use of mind-map to sort out your thoughts and ideas on paper but we use images/graphics/drawings to represent rather than merely words.

We first had the group play a couple of ice-breaking games to get to know each other and to warm up their bodies and mind for the more tedious process of mind-mapping. We played a game called ‘Mirroring’ where one group will have to form a pose for one second while the other groups will have to copy/imitate their poses. This goes on for a couple of rounds and the winner of the group will be determined by the complete accuracy of their poses.

As we move onto the mind-map, the participants formed into four small groups of 4 pax and each group worked on their decided themes; Different stages of aging, Health, Tourism in Sg and Travelling.

They had each presented their mind-map on large paper filled with coloured images/graphics of hand-drawn symbols and icons to represent their maps.

Here are the results of their works!



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