Last Brush Lettering class for 2018

22 December 2018 – My last Brush Lettering class for 2018 with Tampines West Cc and 10 families eagerly waiting in class for me to start as I sort out administrative details with the CC before commencing class.

My class would always start off with a simple introduction of everyone and sharing of their favourite activity/things they like. I usually would like strangers to get to know each other and to help each other out in class. Sometimes the children would make friends easily with the others, sometimes the adults will make friends and discover common bonds that will tie the new friendship together.

I am grateful for every participant’s active participation and support in my classes. The time they took to visit the CC and sign up for my classes and the assistance they rendered to me in packing and cleaning up. When I teach at the Community Clubs/Centres, I am the only trainer from ArtStories teaching.

In spite of Christmas due arrival, my participants choose to write quotes of their own inspiration and make new memories from their class with me. It is always encouraging when I see parents take the time off to spend art and craft time with their little ones, by doing so, it will certainly boost their child’s confidence and social skills to prepare them in their growing up stages.

Merry X’mas everyone and have a blessed time with family and friends!






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