Upcycling Programme with Primary School Students

21 February 2019 – Four classes in Cantonment Primary worked with ArtStories Artists Trainers for a three-hour programme in Upcycling waste materials into a new product!

Each class had different craft to do and it was a challenging and intense workshop for the little Primary 4 students as they tackle with skills and techniques that were relatively new to them!

We had upcycled CD-Roms that were turned into Dreamcatchers, furbished with feathers and beads, one class made Weaved Baskets from mineral plastic water bottles, another class turned newspapers and waste coloured papers into an Origami inspired Pen/Stationery Holder and the last class painted on collected old Mason Glass Jars, gave it a new life and packaged it, ready for reuse.

Aside from the craft-making, the students learnt about the difference between recycling and upcyling and how the two systems has helped benefit our environment. Recycling is when we take the original material of glass bottles, break it down, treat it in the chemical plant and turn it into new glass bottles ready to be used. Upcycling is when you take an old pair of denim jeans and turn it into a bag that can even be sold for a price!

The students also learnt about Singapore’s famous landfill, Pulau Semakau and asked many questions about the process of recycling.

We are glad to share environmental knowledge to the students and we hope they will continue to contribute in caring for our environment. Onto the next upcycle art programme!

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