Linocut Printmaking Art

In the months of Feb and March 2019, we went to Yishun Town Secondary School to conduct a Linocut Printmaking Programme for the Art Club students.

It was the students first time to try a linocut printing craft and they had spent time and effort in creating the best artwork they could make in the five week session.

They had learnt about the history and origins of Printmaking, its uses and the modern evolution of Printmaking techniques and methodologies.

The students also made it a point to use the cutting tools appropriately and to ensure that no harm will be done in our programme. All fingers were safe from harm when they followed my clear and firm instructions to keep their hands behind the cutting tool as they worked efficiently on their linoleum pads.

We are very proud of the students as they attempt to create two to three layer prints with the methods that I have taught. Please enjoy their works and creation!

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