Brush Lettering @ The Prodigal Cafe

28th March 2019 – Rainy Thursday afternoon and we are gathered at The Prodigal Cafe for a cozy, intimate Brush Lettering Art workshop with myself, Jacquelyn Soo and three lovely ladies who are first timers in this craft form.

We started with lower and upper case templates and I taught them the strokes needed for a refine and delicate font style while using a brush marker. Then we moved onto using a watercolour brush with watercolour to achieve another type of brush calligraphy.

Finally, they worked on their piece (sketch) on a 125gsm paper which is not fully absorbent unless watercolour papers of 300gsm. This is to provide them with a sketch idea and then when they are ready, they can move onto the 300gsm paper.

Look at the amazing results from our 2 hour class, sipping coffee (class comes with free coffee) and a take-home set of materials, what they have achieved in a short time as first timers! Well done ladies!

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