DIY Soap Making!

4th May 2019 – We had a small group workshop of 10 pax families in Serangoon Gardens Country Club making soap on a rainy afternoon!

As we melted down the soap base and added coconut oil, essential oils, colouring, flowers and herbs, everyone got excited and rejuvenated from the fresh smells of citrus, rose, lavender filling the whole room with flavourful smells!

We had an unfortunate start in the beginning as I did not realise the pot that I had brought with me was not induction-friendly (I was using an induction stove to melt the soap base). Thankfully, the country club was kind to lend me 2 of their pots for the workshop.

We tried our very best in this 2 hour workshop with some pretty good results for a first-timer making soaps!

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