Jalan Berseh Mural of Singapore River

Nov 2020 – Feb 2021: We were commissioned to paint a special mural for the new garden of Blk 25, Jalan Berseh in the theme of Singapore River/Waterfront scene.

Inspired by Artist Goh Chye Kee, a painter who paints mostly landscapes of Singapore, we had fused our mural with our own painting style/technique.

The mural started in November 2020 but due to consistent heavy downpour rains in Dec/Jan, a typical mural of 8 metres in length would have been completed in 2 – 3 weeks have now taken us until February 2021 to complete.

The mural is painted in a mix of wall paints and acrylic paints, varnished and sealed with lacquer to last the mural 2 years and more in an outdoor setting without direct exposure to bright sunlight.

I did not manage to capture many photos of our work in progress or the final mural, therefore these are the photos I have of the mural for now. If you wish to visit the mural, do head down to BLK 25, JALAN BERSEH OUTDOOR GARDEN to enjoy the mural in its entirety.

Mural painted in collaboration with Fiq Adella from Technique Movement Artworks and Dana Tan.

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