Tembusu Senior Actvity Centre Art Programme Part 1

July to September 2021 – I am so glad to be part of Tembusu Family! Despite adjustments to covid ruling, we managed to find a way to conduct physical class for the 8 sessions, only 2 sessions was conducted over zoom.

Every Wednesday 1pm – 230pm, the seniors from the nearby blocks would attend my class and learn new art skills from me.

To be able to witness their skill development and their love for creating really pushes me to be a better teacher for them despite my participants age gap of 20 – 40 years apart.

We completed the 10 sessions successfully and is now continuing into Part 2 (another 10 sessions from October – November) via zoom this time.

I would like to remind all seniors to stay home and exercise at home to boost their immunity system, eat healthy food and drink water/lemon water as much as possible. Do avoid crowds and take your booster shot as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please enjoy their photos.

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