Collaboration with ben & Jerry’s with an Elderly centre!

October and November 2021: Ben & Jerry’s collaboration with the SASCO Jurong West Elderly Centre and ArtStories is kindly supported by the CDC!

What an amazing collaboration we had using Ben & Jerry’s reused ice cream tubs donated by their customers and we get to up-cycle these tubs into functional items that the elderly can use! We made a decoupage box, a tissue box, a weaved box using strings and yarn and to end off the 9 session programme, we got the seniors to create their own Terrarium too!!!!!!

What an achievement for these seniors as the oldest patient there is 89 years old but her hands and eyesight is still very much capable. Majority of the patients are wheel-chair bounded and have a little use of their hands but you can tell that they did try their best to be pro-active in the sessions and to contribute to the lively atmosphere of the room!

I hope to work with them again in 2022 even though it takes me 1hr 35mins to travel down to Boon Lay but I would do it to be able to interact with these seniors once again!

Please enjoy the photos of their works. Faces have been omitted to protect their privacy.

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