Singapore Art Week 2022

Jan 2022 – I was invited as a member of The Artists Village to showcase artwork for the Singapore Art Week 2022. We were asked by the curator to reflect and discuss the Art Society in its current situation on whether the society is still relevant to contemporary times and if there is a need to close the society or to revamp it.

16 Artist Members took place in the exhibition curated by Bridget Tay (TAV member). Information about the exhibition can be found here:

I chose to represent the Art Society in honouring its historical past through the use of diamonds in my work. The following text is an extract from the artwork description;

Title: ‘the rainbow is confined in it forever’

Medium: Cement, Paint and Diamonds

Year: 2022

A famous Persian poet lament while looking at a piece of diamond that “the rainbow is confined in it forever”.

For centuries, a diamond is a romantic declaration of love amongst couples. Diamond is a precious stone of miraculous abilities and exceptional power. It is also the reason why great kings and leaders don this precious stone.

If we take diamond into the context outside of its romantic relation, a diamond also symbolises strength, talent and the regard of high appreciation. A diamond jubilee is associated with the 60th anniversary an significant event surrounding a person/s or an institution founding.

Whilst ‘The Artist Village’ celebrates its 30th Anniversary with the potential of a closure, the artwork is a reminder to the community of the culture and impact ‘The Artist Village’ has contributed in Singapore. What conversations will it bring to the future of the Arts in Singapore should the ‘The Artist Village’ conclude.

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