East Spring Primary School Art Club Mural

July – September 2022 – ArtStories was invited by East Spring Primary School to design and assist in the painting of two murals for the school’s Art Club room.

The school wanted a cultural and modern identity to fit with the image and interest. We suggested that the students contribute to the overall mural design with their take on icons and symbols relating to cultures from South East Asia. The students did their research, and sketches to develop their ideas on paper to incorporate various motifs and symbols such as; Vietnamese farmers, Thai Dancers, Philipino Aboriginal Flora Motifs, Singapore’s National Flower, Malaysia & Indonesian Batik patterns etc.

We then compile their ideas and create a layout inspired by Roberto Britto, a Brazilian Artist known for his signature combination of Pop Art, Graffiti and Cubism designs.

After the finalisation of the mural designs, we took 8 – 10 sessions to complete the two murals from the discussion, planning, and experimentation to painting trials, demonstrations, final execution, and touching up by two artists from ArtStories; Izzati & Jessica Wong.

Please enjoy the photo library of the classes to the final artwork. We thank East Spring Primary for making this happen and for us to be able to bring joy to your students.

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