Watercolour Painting Programme with Seniors at Geylang East Public Library

9, 10, 16, and 17 January 2023 – ArtStories was kindly invited by National Library Board to conduct a series of Art programmes for active Seniors.

We started with Watercolour Painting for Seniors and the outcome was beyond our imagination. The Seniors painted extremely well and were capable of applying the techniques and knowledge learnt during the four sessions to create their own interpretation and inspiration.

I taught them the basic of watercolour painting; Wet on Wet, Wet on Dry, Dry on Dry, Layering, Blending and also introduced more modern techniques such as Salt Splatter, Plastic Film Wrap Blocking, and Alcohol Dripping etc.

They also had the opportunity to learn about Old Master Watercolourists of the 18th Century and compare them with 21st Century Singaporean and International Artists. We also had discussions on their similarities and differences.

We ended the four-session programme with a 15min Show-and-Tell gathering where I had picked out four participants artworks which the class had a good time laughing, chatting and discussing about the watercolour techniques used, inspiration and inside stories.

Please enjoy their works in the gallery below.

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