8 March – 19 March

ArtStories spent a week with students, residents and corporate volunteers from Feiyue Student Care Centre, Bukit Batok Secondary School, Hwa Chong JC and volunteers from Akzo Nobel to paint a total of 8 walls in the void deck of Bukit Batok West Constituency and in the compound of Feiyue Student Care Centre.

The whole exercise was an experience for young 5 Singaporean artists who had took time off to teach, facilitate and assist the large groups of students and corporate volunteers.

The design of the murals were a joint effort between ArtStories and Southwest Community Development Council to spread the awareness and principles of Recycling, Reusing and Reducing. It is important for Singaporeans to exercise the three Rs to cultivate a habit in caring for the environment. ArtStories was able to create a mural with narratives and explanation in ways that one can start practicing recycling habits.

Below are pictures from the community event which included student volunteers, corporate volunteers and residents contribution to the murals.


Posted by:jacquelynartstories

ArtStories is an artistic endeavour which creates meaningful art projects that uses stories, memories and narrated moments with Singaporean Artist, Jacquelyn Soo. Jacquelyn has worked with communities locally and internationally to conceptualise engaging community art programmes that address the needs of the community. She also creates and works with other artists in various Art & Craft workshops for people interested in learning about art and artistic practices. ArtStories welcomes individuals and communities from various walks of life including children, youths, adults, elderly as well as people with special needs or disabilities to work with the artist on custom tailored art commissions, art workshops and selected Art & Craft programmes. Jacquelyn is also a MOE – NAC registered Artist who conducts art training in private and public schools. ArtStories runs art workshops that can be conducted at different locations and can host large groups of participants.

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