Elderly Art – Chinese Ink Painting

22 March – I am always happy to surround myself with the elderly. I enjoy talking and teaching the elderly and also helping them to push their imagination and creativity through art.

This lovely group of elderly from Hougang laughed at my jokes and laughed at each other for drawing a bird, rooster, bamboo, flowers etc. They are very kind to each another and very helpful to me as well. I was inspired by this group as they bring out the innocence and playfulness in their drawings. Their little drawings using Chinese Ink Brush and Japanese Rice Paper reveal about their characters and personalities. I have seen that they could be loud and bold, cautious and careful, sweet and elegant. Art really brings out one’s character and by doing so, we are actually putting ourselves in a vulnerable state. Kudos to the lovely elderly for braving this world and challenging themselves!!!

I too would like to sit down and draw and express myself as well but as a teacher, I have to put my students before my needs. I am also embarrassed whenever the elderly calls me ‘Lao Shi’ (teacher) when I am 20 – 40 years younger than them!

I look forward to seeing this group again in the coming Monday, Wed and in April to continue our Elderly workshops.


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