Eco-friendly Art & Craft Workshops

27 April – ArtStories introduced 3 easy eco-friendly art & craft workshop to a group of 83 corporate adults held at Hortpark on a Thursday morning.

Our Trainers guided the participants to create 3 types of craft using blank CD-roms, glassware plates, newspaper/magazine cuts outs, hardpaper boxes, soda cans and raffia strings.

ArtStories is honoured to be able to continue working on an eco-friendly theme art and craft workshops that can encourage Singaporeans to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. The participants really gave their effort and heart into creating these lovely pieces which will then be sold at a later event to raise even more awareness of using diy eco-friendly products. Here are some photos of the event and final outcomes. Faces of the participants are for private viewing only.

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