Art & Craft for Primary to Tertiary Level Awardees

5, 13, 16, 17 & 30th May – It is quite an encouraging gesture that Singapore gives out cash prizes to students who do well in their studies. Sure, one may urge that we should not educate our children to strive only for cash and to look beyond studying in order to get a prize. Which is why various community centres have come to realise the power of art to inspire, relax and create memorable moments with both parent and child.

ArtStories was invited to create simple art & craft artworks to realise this mission. We made cloth peg butterflies, cloth peg airplanes, painted/drew on wooden boxes and even had a session of brush lettering for the tertiary level students to personalise their own quotes/words of inspiration.

Trainers conducting these workshops are Gerald Tay, Felicia Mak, Pooja, Kaehana, Angie Chua, Shaf and myself as the ideas person behind this wonderful mass workshop.

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