Jacquelyn’s Booth at PA Marketplace of Courses

27 Sept – I was invited by People’s Association to set up a booth to showcase my workshops that are approved and registered to be conducted at all Community Centres in Singapore.

I was asked to have a live demonstration of Brush Lettering as it is one of my popular workshops.

Many came to my booth and asked many questions about my workshops. I was happy to receive them and each of them returned home with a free brush lettering artwork sample, some fancy cards and a flyer of details about my 11 workshops.

I could not snap more pictures as my hands, mouth and feet were running on speed mode from 4pm – 9pm when the event ended.

Thankful for all who came to spoke with me and allowed me to take their photos from the event.

Hope you would be able to conduct me soon with regards to workshop placings in your CCs/Rcs.


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