Mid-Autumn Mooncake Art Workshop

4 Oct 2017 – Moon, legend, goddess and a rabbit. What has these have to do with the mid-autumn festival held on the 15th day of every 8th lunar month in the Chinese calendar.

Mooncake Festival is a time for family reunion, gathering and giving thanks to the harvest and offerings of the year. This traditional custom is practiced largely by Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese people. The legend of Chang’e and how she flew to the moon still intrigued many people or today as the invention of Mooncakes was created from the story of the legend.

As an art workshop, we created clay mooncakes and attached a small magnet behind so we can be reminded of good harvesting and offerings whenever we open our fridge door to indulge our bellies. Participants created and mixed various colours of clay and pressed onto the mooncake moulds to reveal intricate chinese patterns and motifs.

Happy Mooncake Festival!

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