Typography + Brush Lettering Art


30 Oct + 1 Nov 2018 – Popular Brush Lettering class goes to Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Primary in a 6 hour long workshop where we taught the girls four different types of fonts and explain their special feature in each font type.

We also taught the girls different watercolour techniques and styles that they can apply onto their final artwork.

First session was lots of practice on templates and papers, getting to the the font and typography style and creating a draft of the final artwork with composition and layout.

Second session we taught them how to brush letter using paint brush and watercolour of which many enjoyed learning. We then taught them how to paint the background and move on to a thicker watercolour paper to finish their work!

I always use a range of papers (types and thickness) to explain the different outcomes and uses for each paper type. 70-90gsm papers are best for sketching and drafting while 100-120gsm papers are reliable for watercolours. The best watercolour papers are in the range of 130 – 300gsm!


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