Massive String Art Board!

31st October 2018 – We made a massive string art board with students from Singapore Chinese Girls School to commemorate the school’s 150th anniversary celebration. In fact, we made two big massive boards during the whole programme of 8 hours starting at 8am on a Wednesday morning and lasting till 5pm that day. We have not completed one of the other board and will have to finish it up soon.

Before we attempted the big boards, the students created their own smaller boards for their personal keep sake and as a practice. The girls picked on the skills and methods quickly and we were delighted they made quick decisions in deciding what image they would like their piece to be.

Beautiful creations from these 13-14 year olds with no prior experience in hammering nails or stringing threads up! Kudos to all and hope they take home a piece of learned experience and meaningful moment.





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