Coffee Art in the New Year

22 Jan 2019 – Our first workshop for the new year starts with an aromatic Coffee Art painting workshop with MHA staff retreat activity programme.

56 participants took to painting and drawing, adding coffee (real coffee!) and coffee powder (no sugar added!) onto paper.

As they draft out their ideas and finalise their image, we spoke to them about the artwork that they had chosen. Many made the artwork for their loved ones (family portrait or images of love) while some wanted to draw images and memories from their travels, childhood or favourite objects; like a mobile phone or soft toy.

When we encourage people to exercise their creative side, we are drawing out their personalities, their vulnerabilities and their expressions. We can understand who they are and how they behaviour or perceive the world around them. Art has the ability to communicate what our voice cannot do or would not allow us to do in everyday life.

To Coffee and Art, always awake and hype!

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