Pretty Resin Flora and Glitter DIY Jewellery

3rd August 2019 – My very first collaboration workshop with Singapore Polo Club (yes, the club with Horses!) and I taught a group of women to create their own Resin Flora and Glitter Jewellery in a 2-hour long workshop.

The steps to resin jewellery is pretty easy once you know how to control the flow of the resin and prepare beforehand what items you would like to add into the moulds, jewellery base.

I have chosen a set of three jewellery bases for this class; They each took home a pair of earrings, a ring and a pendant. Some of the women decided to make more pendants instead of earrings.

I used a UV lamp to dry the resin bearing in mind to not to overheat the resin and to look out for warning signs like smoke and smells that will indicate that the resin is burning. I use a UV-base resin for this. There are better quality resins that are hardy and can withstand heat temperature of up to 100 degree celsius but those are better for making large format resin artworks, coasters or table tops.

Please enjoy the little jewellery pieces that has been made and feel free to contact me for inquiries about this class!

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