Kaleidoscope House

10th August 2019 – After 5 months of conceptualising, designing, refining and coordinating the community art workshops for Bedok CC, my Kaleidoscope House was finally unveiled at the National Day Celebration event in Wisma Geylang Serai on 10th August 2019 with a warm welcome by Member of Parliament, Mr Goh Chok Tong.

Mr Goh commented that the artwork was beautiful and it ‘sparked joy’ for him and the audience as the feature of the house lighted up with glowing lights reflecting peranakan tile designs through the transparent polycarbonate panels.

The main house structure was constructed by IDNC, a contractor whom I had worked with previously and was able to adjust and customise to my design needs.

My art trainers Lisa, Felicia, Maira had been a tremendous help in assisting, facilitating and guiding the residents and participants for the community art sessions.

I am extremely pleased with the final set up although the 5 months of work have been torturous and highly stressful due to a lot of communication breakdown whilst working on this project.

The artwork will travel back to Bedok CC and will be housed there for a year or so. Do drop by to the CC to enjoy it’s view and admired its beauty.



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