Expressions of Painting Programme with Silverace Whampoa Senior Group

Month of July & August 2019 – We had a memorable time with the seniors from Whampoa area creating and expressing Art through various forms of Painting techniques and craft. The 8 weeks programme has come to an end and I dearly miss my senior participants for their enthusiastic and energetic personalities!

The programme was funded by WeCare to SilverAce Whampoa so the senior enjoy free art classes with me!

In the 8 weeks, they have conquered (for the very first time) the following works;

  1. Acrylic Pour Painting – This flow painting is a popular hit with the seniors as they get to create swirly, abstract art on canvas with psychedelic colours!
  2. Coffee Art – One of my popular classes to conduct as everyone’s senses are awaken in class!
  3. Stained Glass-Acrylic Painting – This was also a popular class as the transparency of the acrylic sheet provide visual comfort as the translucent inks is see-through!
  4. Chinese Ink Painting – The most difficult and challenging artform of the lot but the seniors tried their very best in depicting Bamboos, Pandas, Fishes, Prawns, Birds and landscape painting.
  5. Lantern Painting – To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the seniors could decorate their own lanterns and have fun dancing around in class!
  6. Tote bag painting – A chance for the senior to DIY their own tote bag and actually use it for their daily use!

Please enjoy our photos and spread the love of Art by sharing these pictures!

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