Special Art Programme with Bizlink Centre

Sept to Oct 2019 – We were invited to conduct an art programme for Bizlink Centre.

Bizlink Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the disadvantaged individuals, in particular persons with disabilities, through training and employment in Singapore.

Working with disabilities, mental patients and special needs participants are a great way to get in touch with our compassionate side and I have learn much about their struggles and hopes as they shared stories with me. Living with a disabled family member, I can empathise with the difficulties they would face in daily living.

Yet, I was thrilled to work with their employees and as soon as we started our programme, I found it super easy to get along with the group and so many of them were eager to learn from me. Their level of enthusiasm is terrific. I felt a lot of calmness while teaching this group.

We tried our best to produce a wide range of activities and skill-sets in the artwork that we are to create; from learning to colour with markers, painting acrylic with brushes, to creating decoupage artworks, tie-dying tote bags as well as learning to care and make their own little terrarium inspired succulent plant.

The 10 session programme went back quickly in a flash of a light and I was feeling nostalgic as I packed my things up and leave their centre on Thursday.

Please enjoy the fruits of our hard work and if you wish to support BizLink Centre in their work, please log onto this website to make a donation or purchase some of their products online: http://www.bizlink.org.sg/

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