Mid-Autumn Paper Lanterns!

7, 8, 13, 14 Sept 2019 – Mooncake Festival is finally here after a month long way from the Hungry Ghost Festival and we were invited by PassionWake@JurongLake & Kampung Admiralty to conduct DIY Paper Lanterns to their residents!

It is inspiring when you create your own craft work from scratch, piecing things together rather that commercially buying it of the racks. Your child and you will get to learn more than craft making but also time for bonding and teaching.

Adults and even Seniors were even enthusiastic to create the lanterns and my favourite participant was a 85 yr old Granny who came to the booth and requested to learn how to make the lantern without any assistance from me. She was strong and able to see and create with her own hands!

Please enjoy the photos from the two places conducted this month and a Happy Mid-Autumn MoonCake Festival to all!


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