Tembusu Eldercare Centre Art Programme

Month of November 2019 – We started another Elderly Centre with our Art programme as part of the WeCare Funding by NAC & People’s Association!

This time we worked with Tembusu Eldercare Centre, a small and cosy space for day care services to frail elderly who would still need assistance and medical attention.

We conducted our lessons in a big table at the centre of the space so everyone could see us clearly and listen to instructions well.

This group attempted quite a feat in the short 8 sessions, occuring every Mon & Tues of the month of November. We did Mandala Art, Acrylic Pour Painting, Coffee Art, Stained Glass Art, Terrarium, TShirt Totebag, Tie Dye on Totebags and our last lesson, we attempted a very fun and functional art called Mug Marbling!

The seniors looked forward to our workshop every session and it was so heartwarming to see their smiles and disappointment if they were not happy with their works but they still kept trying their best to keep up with the class.

Some of the seniors have also told us that they were glad we came along and taught them these skills as they get to learn something new even while being in the day-care centre.

We are glad we could brighten their days up and that they could pick up a new skill too!

Please enjoy the photos of their hard work!

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