Private Art Lesson with Student with a special Lunar New Year Drawing!

Nov 2022 – Present 2023 – Little Sylvia’s Dad came to me for private art lessons for her daughter who is extremely fond of drawing, painting and colouring. Little Sylvia lives in the same vicinity as me in the East so it was a delight to be able to conduct weekly classes for her.

We started our journey in Nov 2022 and will continue well into 2023. I started with the basics of Colour Theory, Lines, Shapes, and Textures as a pre-requisite to the foundation of Art. We created a few artworks based on this understanding. Each artwork takes about 2 sessions to complete.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2023, we drew a Rabbit with a Lion Head Mask, decorated with as assortment of Lunar New Year symbols and traditions!

Please enjoy Sylvia’s art journey with me.

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