Printmaking Programme for Seniors with National Library Board

2, 6, 9, 14 March 2023 – We were back at Geylang East Library with another exciting programme for the Seniors! This time we taught the craft of Printmaking techniques to a group of 15 Seniors.

The difficulty level in this programme is tougher for some of them but they persisted and continued to show that they could finish their artworks!

The Printmaking technique which I taught them was then Basic Linography Cut on Rubber Pads. It still requires carving/cutting tools, brayers and barens, coloured inks and a base for putting the inks on etc. In this case, we used acrylic sheets.

The Seniors started with their sketch on paper which was later transferred to the Linopad and then they could carve out using the cutting tools. After carving 1st layer, we applied 1 layer of colour first before moving onto the next colour.

Some of the seniors chose to only work with 1 colour, and the others decided to try 2 colours.

After 4 sessions, we concluded the programme. Please enjoy these photos!

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