Bath Bomb Fun!

21st June 2019 – Last Bath Bomb class for June!

Our messy fingers and messy tables are prove that everyone is working hard in this workshop! Young children as small as 5 is able to attend this workshop so long as there is an adult accompanying to attend to the more difficult motor-skills needed to mix, mould and shape the lovely bath bombs!

Common mistakes of my participants not paying attention to the medium is getting the mixture too dry or too wet. I always encourage them to not be despair as it is usually their first attempt at any craftwork and craftwork takes time to develop. Also, paying attention to your medium will help you understand the nature of the material as well.

All in all, everyone had tremendous fun even though the room was messy and smelled a mixture of rose, lemon and lavender!

My hands at the end of every class would be stained with food colouring and dyes!

Bath Bombs look too good to use as well! The agony!

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